College Dorm Room Decor Essentials {for her}

July 14, 2014

I can still remember my very first day of college....
I am aging myself here.... it will be seventeen years ago this August I began
my college journey and back then they didn't have half the amazingly cool stuff they have now for college life....
I can remember pretty much packing up my entire room (d├ęcor and all) and making my way to my 4x4 (ok maybe a tad bit larger) room I shared with two other ladies.... It was fun for sure, but looking back I wish I had a little better knowledge of how I could make my dorm room a little less institutional and more cozy and home like....
I know a few young ladies in our family that are heading away to college this coming fall and I thought it would be really fun to put a little inspiration board together to get them started. I also found a free Dorm Room Checklist printable over at How to Nest for Less to ensure they have everything they need to begin their college careers!
sources: Pottery Barn & House of Belonging
I love this little ensemble.... I feel its really most important to be comfortable in your new surroundings when heading to college...I can remember how over whelmed I felt and the one thing I truly missed other than my mom & dad was my bed and my cozy, comfy bed linens...
I adore the dorm line Pottery Barn Teen has introduced!! That is where my inspiration came for this inspiration board..... And I just had to add one of my favorite sayings from my go to shop for signs, House of Belonging.
It's always a great idea to put things on your walls that inspire and motivate you.... even in your home "away" from home!!
Thanks for stopping by and come back tomorrow to check out my top pins for this week!!
*This is not a sponsored post. Just sharing what inspires me to inspire you!*

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