Very "Pinteresting" Tuesday!! {Vol. VII}

July 15, 2014

Hi Friends! Another week of summer down!! Six more to go!! I could not believe my eyes when I walked into our local Target the other day and saw these words "Back to School Stuff". OMG. Are you kidding?? Needless to say, way to soon to even think about purchasing back to school items!! I'm much to busy enjoying summer!! I have some great summer inspired Pinterest picks to share with you!! Since it is still summer why not enjoy it!! Here are some great pins to keep your summer going and to keep you mind off of "back to school"!

32 Of The Best DIY Backyard Games You Will Ever Play
The best thing about summer is being outdoors
Here are some great outdoor summer games for the kids
Parmesan Zucchini and Corn - A healthy 10 minute side dish to dress up any meal. It's so simple yet full of flavor!
This is the perfect summer
salad for your next BBQ!

The Sweetest Thing: White Out
The perfect summer evening outfit inspiration
from The Sweetest Thing.

Twix Cheesecake Ice Cream {No machine needed!} |
What is summer without
ice cream?? Find out how to make
your very own
Twix Cheesecake Ice Cream!

summer chalkboard art | Summer chalkboard
You know how I adore chalkboards!
And this one says it all!!!

I hope you are having a fabulous summer and find time to relax and enjoy before it's really time to get ready for "back to school"!! To find more summer inspiration and ideas check out my Summer Lovin' board on Pinterest! To see what I'm up to in between posts follow me on Instagram!!
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