Dining Room Update {New Bench}

July 12, 2013

Happy Friday all!! And Ohhhhhh what a happy day it is!!! We finally picked up the bench of my dreams and it now has a place in my dining room under the window....
If anyone knows me they know I ADORE benches and baskets. Together, separately any which way I LOVE them.... You can check out my Pinterest board here if you don't believe me!
Ok, back to the bench.... I have always envied the look of a old vintage church pew in the home used for seating in an entry or as additional seating at a dining table. Every single one I found was either way to expensive or wayyyy to long! Until I found this little number.....
Isn't she just gorgeous??? Its the perfect size for my small dining room and now we have somewhere to put all those shoes lying all over my dining room floor or the case of water that has been sitting near the stairs for a few days now!! It is functional and did I mention GORGEOUS??!!
Opps! I did!! But seriously this just makes me happy!!
If you live in the Tri-state area and love this bench as much as I do, you can visit this store and get your very own.... It was not cheap, but I have waited a very long time for this piece and it was well worth the wait! One thing I've learned (the very hard way) is to NOT impulse buy! If something you see doesn't scream in your face "TAKE ME HOME!!" or make your heart pace with anxiety there is something better out there and you will find it!!!
This is by far my favorite furniture purchase ever!!!
What one piece of furniture in your home makes you smile??


  1. Hi Lisa! Yes, the vintage pew is GORGEOUS!! I got the idea on today to find a couple of old church pews to use in my dining room and kitchen. You have definitely set the mark for me while on this journey. I love it!! Oh, and I absolutely adore the grain sack cloth pillows.

    1. Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by and so happy you found your own inspiration here!!! Good luck with your search and please keep me posted!!!


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