Kitchen Stool Update {The Great Chalk Paint Debate}

July 15, 2013

Happy Monday all!! Not too happy that another week of summer has come and gone, but we are getting closer and closer to fall!! My favorite season!
For the past few months now I have been searching for the perfect kitchen counter stools. Not an easy task! For one there are way to many choices and second, most of the ones I love are way to expensive to even think about purchasing. I mean seriously, the stools we have now have been through hell and back! They are used more than any other seating in our home aside from the couch! It's just convenient and easy to just pop a squat at the kitchen counter! So Right now with one child still in day care I can not even think about paying over $100 for a stool!! Let $329 for this one that has been on my wish list for over a year now!!
Marguerite Counter Stool
$329 x 3 for stools that will get beat up, kicked around, jumped on, spilled on.... Just not in the cards right now....
So I just decided to paint the three stools we have. I have never really been a fan of painting, especially the prep work that goes into painting furniture. I wanted to make this process as simple as possible. I thought since I have used the Annie Sloane chalk paint and LOVED how simple and easy it was to use I really wanted to see what kind of results I would get with regular Benjamin Moore chalk paint. At my local Ring's End store you can get any BM paint color in chalk paint. OMG! Right!!? And since you have to mix two different Annie Sloane chalk paint colors to get a certain color you want I just decided to try the BM chalk paint and see how it goes! Hey, if I hate it I have a great excuse to buy new stools!! :)
So here is how it went.....

Remember when I said I don't like to paint? Well now I do!! Using the chalk paint was so simple and I didn't need to sand or use primer!! The chalk paint is thick enough that I only had to use two coats on each chair and I still have enough paint left over for touch up's here and there! I purchased a quart of BM Chalk Paint in Mint Chocolate Chip for about $24. It is pricey but it beats $987!!!
The only thing I would recommend is to not go thick on the coats and letting the paint dry at least 24 hours between each coat. I being the impatient person that I am, only waited about an hour or two and some of the areas are thicker than others, but I wasn't looking for perfection just a quick fix for three stools that are on their last leg!!
Debate is over!!

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