Glitter Heart Necklace DIY {part two ~ the packaging}

February 12, 2015

Hi friends!!
As promised I'm back today with Part Two of my DIY Glitter Heart Necklace for Valentine's Day. If you missed Part One you can find it here.
These hearts came out so cute and using the hot glue really made them super sturdy!! One thing I do recommend is tying three or four knots when making the necklaces. The bead landing is very thin and I noticed a few of the necklaces did come undone, but adding a few extra little knots did the trick.
Today I'm sharing what I used to package the necklaces. I thought of using the little brown jewelry boxes you find at Michael's, but I needed twenty-two and at 99 cents each that really wasn't the most affordable option, again, these necklaces are being used for Valentines and I'm sure the first graders these are going to won't care much about the packaging, but the idea would be super cute for party favors!!! However, I still wanted the packaging to be cute. So I came up with something that was super affordable and really made the most sense. I decided to go with mini paper sacks. I only needed twenty-two and they come twenty-five in a bag, but I grabbed two bags in case of writing mistakes, and one bag was only $2.99, plus I had a 20% off coupon, so it worked out perfectly and much cheaper than the boxes.

I also purchased some glitter washi tape to seal the bags closed. It was perfect and the glitter made them look extra fancy!

The bags really were the perfect size for the necklaces.
I had Gracie write all the names on the front using a Neon Pink Sharpie!!
Once the names were on, we carefully slipped the necklaces into the bags and sealed them with the glitter washi tape!! Super simple and I'm so please with how they turned out!!

How easy is that??
This little craft took some extra time but in the end it was worth it!!
Hope you all enjoyed this!
Have a fabulous Valentine's Day!!

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