Glitter Heart Necklace DIY {part one ~ the necklace}

February 8, 2015

It's coming close to that time of year!! Love is in the air and Valentine's Day is drawing near. It seems this holiday could very well be the single most over rated holiday of the year, yet still in love with every part!! No pun intended LOL!! When I was a little girl the extent of handing out Valentine's to class mates was simply signing my name to the back of a flimsy paper card with a chosen theme... Through the years the idea of sending a "Valentine" has become the mother of all DIY activities, and yes I have fallen... Hard. There are some really super cute ideas out there and having Pinterest makes it so much easier...well, harder if you look at it only because there are just so many adorable ideas!! What is a mother to do??!!
Fortunately, my daughters school makes it a tad simpler for us mommy's & daddy's, or so it would seem. The children are only allowed to bring in a non-food item to share as a Valentine and there must be one for every class mate... Ok great so where to begin?? If you missed last years DIY non-food Valentine you can find it here. Now, on to this years, which is now my favorite and easier than I thought it was going to be. I found this idea
here, but tweaked it just a bit!!

Ok, not only are these adorable, but they are super simple. They only thing I suggest is to get started a few days before if you plan on using them as Valentine's as I am here.
Creatology Foam Stickers
I used these
*If you don't have a hot glue gun on hand you can still use the sticker
to hold the bead landing in place, but for best (and most durable) results
using the hot glue gun is best!*
1. You will need two foam heart stickers of the same size. Lay one down face up so the sticker part is on the bottom. This is important because you will be using the white sticker part to have your child write his/her Valentine message.
2. Cut your bead landing string the length you need. Be sure it's long enough to tie a knot and still be able to place over your head.
3. Remove the sticker part from your other heart. This is where I used hot clue gun to secure the bead landing string to the bottom heart. Place the heart sticker directly over the bottom heart to secure bead landing in place.
4. Before turning the hearts over to have your child write his/her Valentine message with the sharpie pen, be sure the glue has dried. If you didn't use the hot glue still give the stickers a chance to ad hear and put lots of pressure to be sure bead landing is secure.
5. Once all your hearts have messages on them, it's time to glitter them up!!
Apply a good amount of the glittering glue and then add the color glitter of your choice. Let the glue and glitter dry completely. At least a few hours, especially if your putting them in a box, which I will be doing and showing you how we decorated the box in part two!!
Stay tuned!!

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