Changing Tastes {my design style}

February 4, 2015

It's amazing how something you loved two short years ago and had to have suddenly isn't of interest any longer. Now, I'm not talking about how I feel about my hubby by any means because Mr. GB is the best and wouldn't trade him for the world! What I'm referring to here my friends is design style. My tastes have evolved so much and I've learned not to listen to what "experts" say or what others say is right or wrong. I've learned to go with what I like and move from there. For example, ever since I was a little girl I have always loved chalkboards. I loved writing on them and I loved being able to erase and change my mind, not to mention black is my favorite color! So I decided on day to make the side of my large empty pantry cabinet wall a chalkboard and wow the flack I got... I had this one telling me, "Oh no it's just too messy, there will be chalk all over your house!" and my hubby saying "But what if we sell the house!!??" And others just asking me the simple question "Why!!??" Why you ask??? Uhmmm..... maybe because I never followed through on living out my childhood dream of being a teacher, or maybe just because I like it!! And now when people come over and see a chalkboard in every room in our home they just get the fact that I love chalkboards and probably will forever!!
No one has the right to come into your home and tell you that you can't do this or you can't do that! Unless you rent which is a totally different post!!
Your home is your castle and should be a reflection of you and how your home needs to work (and look) best for  you and your family.
People ask me all the time where I "learned" to decorate. Well, it's quite simple really. Over the years and even as a young adult far before I was married with kids, I would collect magazine clippings and read decorating books. When I would go over to people's houses I would actually take note of what I liked about it, how it made me feel and I would put it in my "someday" binder. It was pretty much Pinterest in a binder!! I still do this to this very day, though a camera phone makes it much easier!!
Pinterest is obviously my best friend when it comes to my décor style and how I found it. I didn't always know exactly what I wanted or what I could do. So having Pinterest to fall back on really and truly helped me mold how I want my home to look and feel.
Although Pinterest is a phenomenal tool and I don't really know what I would do without it, you must understand that it's not "Pinterest" that's responsible for helping my design style evolve, but it's actually the people behind the pins! It's the designers and bloggers that really make Pinterest what it is. This fact really does go overlooked which is very sad because if people actually took a moment to click on the link (and hopefully the correct link) they would find the most amazingly talented people behind all these great ideas!! I have over 60,000 pins!!! I know crazy, but I was one of the very first to jump on the Pinterest ban wagon more than four years ago!!
That being said, I did a ton of research to find exactly what I was looking for and who was responsible for such style and décor ideas.
I have a handful of bloggers and designers that I follow faithfully! Pretty much on a daily basis. They are all different and amazing in their own way and that's what I love about them. So if you have ever wondered what my "design style" is you can find a touch if it from the following blogger/designers. Ok, so it's more than a handful, but I just love them all!!
grand design co.
chip & Joanna gaines

milk and honey home

jill hinson interiors

holly mathis

house seven

jenna sue design

my sweet savannah
I find décor inspiration everywhere!! I love walking into others homes and seeing how they live and how they decorate! I also find daily inspiration from Instagram which I find myself on more and more!! It's great because it's the "behind the scenes" of bloggers, friends and family and what they are doing on a daily basis!! So much fun!!
So I guess if someone were to ask me my design style right this very moment I guess my answer would be....
A little bit new.... a little bit old... a little bit county... a little bit rock and roll and somewhere in between!!


  1. love this post.....I can relate to everything .....Christine from Little Brags

    1. Thanks Christine!! So glad you can relate!! I took a chance with this post! Happy to know I'm not the only one!! :)


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