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February 13, 2015

Every two years or so I get the itch to change things up. We did a major refresh to our living and dining room just about two years ago. If you missed that post you can find it here. While the change was great and I was so excited it have a fresh new space, I'm ready once again to change things up and this time I am hoping it will last more than two years, but you just never know.... Below is a picture of our living room and how it looked this pass fall. While I love our Pottery Barn sectional and rug I'm looking to lighten up the walls and finally get some new blinds and curtains. The rooms is cozy and fine to live in, but I really love the look of clean white walls. Although I'm loving the all white look and would love to have bead board on the walls throughout our house, right now it's not in the budget and having two young children, finding the time to relax is hard enough as it is. So for now we will just start by painting the walls and changing around the gallery wall for a more light and airy look.

Another major project that's been on the "to do" list is painting our kitchen cabinets. Right now our cabinets are an opal maple, but as you can see in the photo below, they clearly have a pink hue to them and I cringe every single time I look at them. This spring come hell or high water I vow that those pink cabinets will be a crisp white!!! I plan on painting them myself. I have done a ton of research and the most affordable way to do it is just to tackle it myself. Lets face it, our kitchen isn't huge so I'm hoping to have it done in one long weekend.
I also would like to remove the cabinets over the kitchen island and add some open shelving. Not sure how Mr. GB will feel about that, but I'm sure he will love the idea if he has nothing to do with having to deal with that project! It will be great because we will be able to add some much needed pendent lights over the island as well. And while I adore my stools from Restoration Hardware, they had to be replaced with a more "kid friendly" stool. More on that in another post!
As you may have already noticed, directly off our living and kitchen is our dining room, which also happens to be our main entry. I had a mud room bench and cubbies built in our office to house all our shoes, coats, hats, book bags and other everyday items I don't want in my dining room, but as life would have it, they just always seem to make it back into the dining room... On the table no less. There's not much updating is needed in the dining room other than open shelving, a rug, window treatments and adding some type of function to out teeny tiny entry wall. Again, that's  a whole other post!
So what I'm basically looking to do it bring all three space together as one. It does pretty much function as one space since it is an open concept area, but it doesn't represent itself that way due to the contrasting colors and lack of flow... I decided to put together and inspiration board of what I am looking for within these three spaces. Now I may not get this exact look, but it is what I'm drawn to right now and will serve as a starting point for the projects I have planned. I will be tackling the dining room first and then the living room and finally the kitchen.
So loving the idea of "white everything" but really not sure I'm ready to commit to a life of white, but I will start with painting the cabinets White Dove by Benjamin Moore and go from there.
I will be using Horizon by Benjamin Moore,
 the same paint color I used when I repainted our dining room a few months back, for our living room. It's a nice light gray that looks blue depending on the lighting but looks almost white in some light as well....
I'm looking forward to taking this on and I hope you will follow along with me!! To see what I'm up to in between posts, you can follow me on Instagram and see what inspires me daily on Pinterest!!
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  1. I have (had) the exact same color cabinets - complete with PINK! countertops! We changed out the countertops and painted the cabinets white in 2001. 14 years later they still look great! It is a lot of work but if done right totally worth it! (I used a paint that is a marine enamel - went on without brush strokes and never chips or scratches)

    1. And I thought I was the only one!! Painting begins the second weekend in April!!! Wish me luck!!!


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