What I Made {Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad}

June 22, 2014

Hi friends,  hope you all are enjoying this gorgeous Sunday....
 Despite all the forecasts calling for rain earlier in the week, yesterday
 turned out to be a perfectly lovely day for a 2nd birthday party!!
The water slide was a huge hit along with my Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad!!
I can not tell you how many people asked me what it was and who made it!
This time I did not get the recipe off of Pinterest! Shocker, I know, and I'm
pretty sure no one believed me! What makes this pasta salad different is that
 I used actually "buffalo chicken"
 in this recipe! My family is addicted to the Tyson Buffalo Chicken Strips so
I thought it would be the perfect addition to this pasta salad, and boy was it
 ever!! I also used Frank's Red Hot Sauce, but not to much as I knew the
 kiddos would be eating this as well! This recipe is really very simple and
 great for large parties! To make it for a small gathering simply cut the
 recipe in half! It's that easy!
I guarantee it will be a hit at your next barbecue!!

2 boxes Farfalle pasta
1 (25 oz) bag Tyson Buffalo Chicken Strips chopped
 1 cup chopped carrots
 1 cup diced celery
 1 large chopped red onion


Pour 2 of the 9oz bottles of the Ken's Blue Cheese dressing and Frank's Red Hot sauce into a large mixing bowl.
Chop red onion, celery and carrots and add to bowl with dressing.
Prepare Tyson Buffalo Chicken Strips according to package directions and let cool completely. Once cooled, chop and add to bowl with dressing.
Gently mix all ingredients in bowl until combined. Set aside or in refrigerator to keep cool.
Prepare the pasta according to package directions. Drain and rinse with cold water.
Place cooled pasta into a large serving bowl.
 Add the remaining ingredients to the serving bowl with pasta, along with the 2 remaining bottles of Ken's Blue Cheese Dressing. Mix well until all of the pasta is covered in dressing.
Chill in refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving.
Mix thoroughly again before serving.
  Add more hot sauce if you like it really spicy and enjoy!!!

*You saw this recipe first here @ Gracie Blue ~ The Blog*


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