DIY Teacher Gift Mug {Starbucks Mug}

June 12, 2014

Hi all!!
Stopping in real quick today before I head to our daughters
Kindergarten celebration! Still can not believe the school year is almost
behind us!! It is amazing to me the milestones a child accomplishes in one
short year! My little girl has grown up so much and I can't even take that
she can read and write clearly and without help!! Amazingly beautiful!!
Teachers truly have a profoundly difficult, yet impressionable job
to do, and basically mold the minds of our little ones. It's not an easy task
and I believe teachers truly deserve to be recognized and rewarded
tremendously for all they do!!
So here is my super simple DIY teacher gift. Us Mommy's are extremely
busy too, so coming up with something that is really very easy was
important to me, but I wanted to be sure it was thoughtfull as well.
I have a Pinterest board full of teacher gift ideas.
I found this one and loved it so I worked off of it
and came up with an idea of my own.
I love the Starbucks cup in the original photo I found, so I headed to my
local Starbucks and found this fabulous personalization mug to be a lot
more interesting!! The fact that I could personalize
it was a plus!! A mug also seemed more useful for a teacher! It can be used
for coffee, tea, pen holder or even a little pot for a favorite plant!!
This was super simple. The mug came with a special porcelain writing pen
in black and white ink. I just wrote my message, let the ink dry for a good
hour, placed it a 450 degree oven for 20 minutes and let it cool
completely!! That's it! Then I filled the mug with chapstick and a cute
nail polish and of course a gift card!!
I love that I could wrap it in a large clear party favor bag so everyone
can see what's in it!! I always love getting little gifts that I can see
and show everyone without having to unwrap it!! Perfect for busy
teachers that carry on ton of books and papers with them all day long!
Another little treat I made were some homemade funfetti cupcakes
with an apple made out of fondant.
I will have the recipe for you later!!
Of to the celebration I go!!
Enjoy your Thursday!!

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