Wednesday Wish List {Outdoor Bar Cart}

June 11, 2014

Yes, thank God it's Wednesday!!!
For me Wednesday is that day in the middle of the week were
really the only thing I have "planned" is my Wednesday Wish List post!!
It seems that every other day of the week is just filled with things to
get done, places to go and people to know the deal!
Today on the wish list is something that I have been crushing on since
we created our little fire pit area in the side corner of our yard last summer.
If you missed my post on our "DIY" fire pit you can find I here.
This little area is super cozy and it's far enough in the corner to see every
inch of our yard. It's a great little area to read, relax and easy for me to sit
 and keep an eye on the kids....
Cute and cozy, yes, but pretty far from the patio
area where usually all the food and drinks are kept during parties and long
summer days outside. That being said, I've been looking for the perfect
bar cart to place in the corner right behind the fire pit area.
How great would it be to have drinks on hand, on ice, all day??
Here are a few items I have found to solve my little dilemma....

All three of these can be found on the Pottery Barn website.
I LOVE that bar cart, though I think it is a bit large for the small
amount of space I have to work with, but it would be a perfect
addition to the patio! I think my best bet is the outdoor party table bucket!
It's the perfect size and can be used as a table as well! Not to mention it's
on sale right now!!! Time to go talk the hubby about crossing one of
these choices off my wish list!! I'll let you know how I do!!
Have a great rest of the week!!

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