Wednesday Wish List {PAX Wardrobes}

May 21, 2014

Hi friends!
I'm back today with another wish list. As each week passes my wish
lists seem to becoming more like "home to do" lists and I suppose that
in all reality, in some way shape or form, well,.... they are just that!!
I come up with so many ideas in my head for our home and the spaces
within, that it sometimes they just take over my mind and due to the lack of
time and money well.... they become items that get put on this long
"wish list" of things that eventually I am hoping to accomplish.
I never seem to finish one project before I'm starting another!
I've mentioned in some earlier posts that I am in the process of redoing our
master bedroom.... Yup, still in the process. So far I have purchased my
new nightstands, wall décor, bedding, throw pillows and a rug...
I picked out several (probably more) paint colors, painted the walls,
 twice and each time hated the color!!
 So I painted the room back to the original color and now I'm
in the process of getting ready to paint yet another color. Like it or not, this
next paint color is staying!! I think I'm all painted out!!
So now that I have most of the important items taken care of I started to
think about tacking the very large wall our dresser is on.... Now this large
wall is of course empty at the present moment and I've been avoiding
putting anything on the walls. One, because I knew I wasn't done painting
and two, because I really would like to utilize all that empty wall space.
Here is a picture of what this side of our bedroom looks like today.
Yes I know....blah, blah, blah....
This bedding is not the new bedding and I really I'm not loving the
placement of the furniture... And really not much I can do with
moving it around since the room is very small with only four walls and
two that have small windows... and the other wall is our closet. Uhmmm
did I mention our small closet??
Our closet space is so very limited that we purchased another small
dresser just for my husbands t-shirts... And yet clothes seem to just pile
up on it... I'm so tired of trying to find space to put clothes in this house!!
I thought of getting rid of both dressers and using two large armoires,
one for each of us.... But then I found this....

I'm pretty sure I've fallen in love....
Sorry hunny, but this is amazing and I must have it in my life!!
This is the perfect solution for that large empty wall in our bedroom!!
Not sure what I would do with the TV ceiling maybe, I could probably
do without it if I could enjoy this view everyday, all day!! 
I also came across these as well....

So smitten I can't even contain myself!!
This is an amazing idea and the perfect solution for that large wall
in our bedroom!!  What do you think? Would you keep the traditional
dressers or install these gorgeous built in's using Ikea Pax systems??
I'd love your thoughts!!
Until then enjoy the rest of your week!!

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