Baby Inspo Part II {prince of the sea nursery}

April 15, 2014

Hi again friends!!
I'm back on this rainy Tuesday with part two of my baby inspiration board.
Yesterday I shared a "princess" nursery inspiration board with you.
If you missed part one you can read about it here.
 I spoke with my friend this morning and asked her what she thought of
the princess inspiration board.... I'm happy to announce that she LOVED it!!
I'm also so elated to have learned that she and her hubby will in fact be
finding out the gender of their baby!!! YAY!! So excited for them!
Now all I have to do is talk them into having a gender reveal party!!
Ok, for the "prince" nursery I decided to go with a nautical theme.
Coastal décor is so much fun and I really could have gone crazy with this
inspiration board, there are so many options when it comes to this type
of style. I'm not a coastal gal myself (I'm all country!!) so I really enjoyed
putting this together!!
Here is goes!! Prince of the sea nursery!!
I have to admit if we have number three lord help me and its a boy this is
 the way I'll be going!! I adore the vintage marquee anchor!! I got the idea
from another dear friend of mine who is expecting in May. She has the
exact one in her gender neutral nursery. Thanks for the idea Chelsea!!
Here are both spaces....
Now all we need to do is wait and find out which space will be used...
Boy or Girl????
Finally, as promised the source list.
paint | Benjamin Moore
princess | mauve hint
prince | hale navy
Any other questions please feel free to leave a comment!
I'd love to hear which inspiration board is your favorite!!
I'll be back tomorrow with my Wednesday Wish List!!
Have a great day!!

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