Currently Obsessed {Board & Batten}

January 22, 2014

Hi Friends...
Not sure about you but I am pretty much done with this weather!
As much as I love the coziness of winter I'm pretty much done with
these freezing cold temperatures!!
With all this in door time on my hands I've been obsessing on the living
rooms wall again.... There are still a few wall that remain empty for the
simple fact that I really just can't make up my mind as to what exactly
to do with them... Do I put up shelves, a mirror, art??? I'm just torn
and rather than just get it done I obsess!!
So... while day dreaming on Pinterest (a small hobby of mine)
I came across these photos from Milk and Honey Home and now I am
obsessed and can't stop
thinking about updating the living room.... again.
We just repainted last spring but I really think I need to do this
to our living room!! You be the judge!!
Cottage livingroom
living room - spaces - Julie Holloway
Birmingham Highway - farmhouse - living room - atlanta - Julie Holloway
Modern Country Living Room - eclectic - living room - atlanta - Julie Holloway
Totally need to do this!!
Here is a picture of our current living room....
I think it needs an update! Don't you agree??

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