Be Mine {Valentine DIY}

January 17, 2014

Hi friends!!
Happy Friday! I can't believe another week is almost been and gone!
Time really does pass us by and it's so important to just take a moment
and live in it.... Forget about the bills, the dishes, the laundry, that fact that
you haven't workout yet today (or the week for that matter), forget
all the things that you need to get done and take the moment and enjoy it!
This particular thought sticks with me always... "Enjoy every moment with
your children because today is the youngest they will ever be again!!"
And how true it is!! The truth is the same for each day. Today is a gift
don't take it for grated and do something special with it!!
Ok, ok!! Enough of the sappy message and on to a very cute and simple
Valentine DIY. This valentine is great for young kids who can't write yet
 and it's also candy free which is a bonus too!!
Great Valentine idea! Just add a heart tag that says, "I CEREALsly like you!"
I found this idea on Pinterest went with it!!
All I did was wrap up the cereal boxes and spoon in a clear plastic
party bag and added this image that I created on PicMonkey and tied it with
a cute red bow!! When I printed the picture out I used wallet sized which
worked out perfectly! Super easy and adorable!! This picture worked out
great because Gracie had her face painted with a heart for her birthday
 party. It was just a photo I had and it was perfect for this Valentine idea!
For more Valentine inspiration, check out my Valentines Day board on
Pinterest with hundreds of cute ideas.... I will be back soon with this years
Valentine so stayed tuned!
Have a great weekend!!

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