Not Too Shabby Bakes {my other hobby}

January 12, 2014

Hi friends!
Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!
I myself spent the majority of my weekend baking. For those that don't
know I have a small baking business out of my home,
 Not Too Shabby Bakes.  I am not chef, just a self taught baker that
enjoys baking and creating beautiful confections. It makes me feel
accomplished to create some thing out of simple things like eggs, butter and
sugar! Not to mention I get to taste all of them so that's a plus too!!
So here is what I was up to!!
Hope you like them!!
This cake was a first for me creating a high heel shoe.... Sadly I didn't
allow the show to dry properly (takes about 5 days, I gave it 2!) so needless
to say the heel broke in half about 4 hours later!! Live & learn and let it dry!!
Here is the matching cupcake. These heels stood the test of time, hence
I let them dry 5 days!!

And last but not least... My Minions.
These were super easy and so much fun, though I feel bad that they are
yummy enough to eat!!
So that's what I did this weekend!
What are you up to??

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