Pinterest {A Love Hate Relationship}

August 10, 2013

Happy Saturday all!!
If you know anything about me you know that I adore Pinterest. I first discovered it when I was putting together my daughters new bedroom. I had one board and simply used it as a tool for items I needed to purchase and color schemes.... It quickly turned into an obsession! I have a board for everything and anything you can think of. I use it now to collect everything and anything I adore, need to have, must do or want to concur!  This is where the problem lies. I think there comes a point where there's just too much information and I get side tracked as to what exactly I want to do next! My DIY board for example has over 1,000 pins! There were so many things I had every intention of getting to that just didn't happen because I found something else that I insisted I needed to do... Which lead me to create yet another DIY board that became a MUST DO board and now I have over 300 pins on that board! Lets not even get into my style boards and recipe boards..... There just SOoooo many amazing, lovely, yummy, gorgeous, creative, adorable things and I want to do them all!!!! I've thought about deleting my account and starting over, but honestly I don't think I could survive. Pinterest is my me time and sometimes it just relaxes me and makes me happy to know that I have a collection of images that I can look at whenever I want all in one place.... I guess it's safe to say that this relationship is truly love and here to stay!!
How do you feel about Pinterest? Are loving it or over it?

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