JJ's First Vacation {DIY Vacation Keepsakes}

August 8, 2013

Hi all! We have been home from our vacation to The Cape for almost three days now and still I have suitcases to be unpacked, piles of laundry to be done and a car to clean! But being the impatient and "all over the place" person I am I took some time to put together JJ's first vacation keepsake. Now really, I'm not a big fan of those "cheesy" nick knacks you see in all those souvenir shops, but I do LOVE cozy sweatshirts, Christmas ornaments and a good book or puzzle. That brings me to a super inexpensive and easy way to make a keepsake that has meaning and will not just sit on the shelf and collect dust! YEAH!! This was our son JJ's very first vacation and I wanted to get something that he could look back on and really appreciate. So, I found a really cute (inexpensive) children's book and wrote a little note, the date and a little paragraph about the most exciting part of the trip, which unfortunately was JJ falling down the stairs that resulted in a trip to the ER in an ambulance..... NOT a proud moment as a parent for sure, but accidents happen and although not the most fun we had, it happened and it was a first none the less.... 
I also picked up two cute Christmas ornaments and wrote the date on each
with a sharpie! On JJ's I wrote "JJ's first vacation"

Cute right??
What is your favorite vacation souvenir?

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