May 29, 2014

Our Home {Before and After ~ Part I}

Have you ever looked back on something and wished you had paid more
attention to detail or wish you knew then what you know now??
When it comes to our home and how we went about things I totally
wish Pinterest existed six years ago, for if it had I'm pretty sure I would
be totally satisfied with how we did things and the décor decisions I had
made... In any case a home is a work in progress and tonight I'd like to share
our work in progress with some before photos of how our home looked
before we purchased it, during and now... To me it still needs a ton of
work, but that is more on the décor and organization end more so than
anything. When I look back at exactly what we took on we really have
 come a long way. I just wish I knew then what I've learned now....
Not only about my design style, but about the ever growing needs of our
family....but then again, I guess my styles and ideas will always be
changing. Hopefully for the better!!
So here are some before and after photos (progress I like to call it). I'm truly
 never done making up my mind!
It truly took vision to put the pieces of our home back
together from where it started!!
Our hallway before

Our hallway now
Hallway/kitchen wall before

Hallway now
Kitchen/Living room before
Kitchen/Living Room now
Although I love our home as it is, I can't help but wonder, "what if"?
What if I had left the sliding doors and replaced them with French
doors going into the four season porch? What if I had opened up the kitchen
completely and combined the kitchen and dining room for a completely
open floor plan?? What if this?? What if that??
 I can drive myself mad trying to think this way...
So instead,  I'm just going to be thankful for what we accomplished and
let it be.... Rome wasn't built in a day, nor will my home ever be as
perfect as I would like... But it's perfect for our family at this very moment
and that is truly all I can ask for....
They only thing I really need to work on is filling up all the empty walls!
More on that and part II of our before and after coming soon!!
Check back tomorrow for my Favorite Home Friday feature!!
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