Creating a Gallery Wall {Three Easy Steps}

April 1, 2016

We all have spaces in our homes that we struggle with. For me, its all the empty walls. I am hesitant to put things up because I fear I will get sick of the things too quickly or see something on Pinterest that I think will look better. This is the exact case for the corner walls over our TV in the living room.
We updated our living room three years ago and I just repainted it last summer. To see the my reveal of our newly painted white (ish) walls go here.
Since the day we moved our TV into the corner in order to fit a much needed sectional in the space, these corner walls have been empty and a bit of an eye soar. One thing I knew was that whatever I did decide to put on the walls, it had to be unique, symmetrical and I really did not want anymore photos, especially since we already have a great photo gallery wall already so I didn't want to over do it.
So I kept my mind open and saved tons of ideas on my "Wall Envy" board on Pinterest
Keeping in mind my own style and the look I was going for, I was drawn to these two photos and I kept them on my phone and began my search for the items I was looking for. 


I really love the idea of the first photo, but again I didn't want to use photos, but I do love how symmetrical everything is and how there is a common theme in that everything is neutral and very unique. Now, I realize the second photo is not a corner gallery, but I was really drawn to the antique porch spindles. Such a unique touch, and again, neutral.
So after searching on Esty and Ebay, I finally found exactly what I was looking for and the vision I had for this tricky space turned out exactly as I had hoped.

I am so glad I went with my gut on this project. It is the exact look I was going for and it didn't break the bank! It cost me a fraction of what a bunch of matching frames would cost!
I found everything in quantities of two, three and four, which made the process so much easier. Now this space is unique, symmetrical and neutral. 
 For anyone struggling with an empty corner wall or any wall in your home, here are my three easy steps for creating any type of gallery wall collection.

Step One: Find your Inspiration & Theme

Go on Pinterest and create a board and fill it with what you find inspiring. Or clip out magazine clippings and keep them handy.
 It's very difficult to mimic another person's vision, so try and see the main theme of what inspires you an go from there! Maybe it's a certain color picture frame or object. What ever it is try and re-create it, but make it yours!

Step Two: Collect 

Collect objects or photos that make you happy and that will coordinate with your theme.
In my case, the "theme" for this wall was architectural salvage. The pieces I used were antique wood spindles in different shapes and sizes. 

Step Three: Execute

Once you have your theme and your objects, it's time to put them together. This part can be frustrating, but just keep your inspiration photos close and see how things are put together and try to execute it in the same manner. For the large gallery wall over our sectional, I gathered all my black frames and kept the photos inside black and white to keep everything pleasing to the eye. Once I had my frames (and objects), I laid them out on the floor exactly how I wanted them and them I traced everything on large brown paper and cut them out and then taped them up with painters tape exactly where I wanted them on the wall. This makes things so much easier when it comes time to nail the pictures to the wall!

I hope these tips help you fill up all those empty walls in your home!
Don't forget to keep in mind the size of your wall area when picking your objects or frames! You don't want a bunch of tiny items and a huge wall and you don't want a huge object on a tiny wall. Keeps things symmetrical and coordinating and you will be a gallery wall master in no time!! 

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