Very "Pinteresting" Tuesday!! {Vol. VI}

July 8, 2014

Hi friends!! Hope you had an amazing 4th of July weekend!
We had a fun filled weekend with family and friends!
It's Tuesday and I have some really fun Pinterest picks to share with you!
Sometimes scrolling through Pinterest can be very over whelming.
There are so many DIY's, recipes, décor and organization ideas
that you may feel you will never have the time to get to any of them!
Well have no fear!! Just pin what you like and go back later and choose one
thing each week you really love and go for it! Be it a recipe you like to try
 or even a DIY.... Just be sure you have the time to put in. Don't do anything
you have never tried when you are in a rush!! I've learned that the hard way!
Once you have completed what ever it is you decided to tackle, create a new
Pinterest board for all the things you did and make a quick note as to
 whether it was a Pinterest "fail" or "score" that way you aren't going
through a bunch of pins you've have already tackled!
Here are my top Pinterest picks this week!
My absolute favorite Pinterest pick of the week!!
Cookie Dough Billionaire Bars!!
OMG. You had me at cookie dough!!

I have never been one to even think about planting my
own herbs, but this adorable display may actually have
changed my thinking!!

When I saw this pin I was immediately inspired
to start purging through my cabinets!
Find out more about this kitchen pantry makeover
by Classy Clutter.

Loving the font used for this free printable of psalms 103.
Print yours out here.

I adore this unique and simple DIY project
from Lolly Jane
 See.... I told you!! Inspiring right??
You never know what you may fall in love with just scrolling
through Pinterest!!
Have a great day and come back tomorrow
to see what's on my wish list this week!!

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