Thinking Outside the Box {Unique Rustic Wedding Cupcake Stand}

July 28, 2014

Hi Friends!!
Hope you had a great weekend....
As you all know we are in peak wedding season and today I thought I would share a unique cupcake stand I used for a wedding I did four years ago this past weekend.... I had the extreme honor of baking 200 cupcakes, a two-tier wedding cake and about 190 heart shaped cookies for a dear childhood friend of mine that just so happened to be my daughters pre-school teacher at the time.... She meant a great deal to me (still does) and I really wanted her day to be super special.... I had free rein when it came to cupcake design and display and I wanted something that people would never forget.... something that would really go with the rustic, country theme of the wedding which took place in an old barn....
I searched hi and low for the "perfect" cupcake stand. Then I had an idea....
And here is where my idea took me.....
Why not use a gorgeous vintage plant stand as a cupcake display!!
My apologies for the blurry photo, but I was not blogging when this photo was taken and I was using my old camera phone....
When I saw this plant stand my head was spinning!! I had found the perfect cupcake stand and was it ever!! It went fabulously with the rustic décor and all I had to do to make it work was place cardboard on the tiers to ensure the cupcakes wouldn't fall through.... That's it!!! Thinking outside the box is key when creating something unique and all your own!!
The bride and groom were so pleased and the guests could not get over the fact that this was a simple plant stand!!
I can honestly tell you that I can not remember for the life of me where I purchased this gorgeous plant stand, but I do know that all I did was a Google search for a tiered plant stand and there are so many unique options that come up... Here are just a few I recently found.
Some are more expensive than others, but you can always "DIY" an inexpensive one as long as it is sturdy and has good bones!!
Tiered Loop Plant Stand
Multi-Tiered Wire Plant Stand
The possibilities are endless!!
And if you can't find what your looking for online, try heading to local tag sales or even your local florist!! Check Craig's List as well under "free stuff", you never know what trash someone is getting rid of  that you can turn into your treasure.... or cupcake stand!!
Happy wedding season!!

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