Wednesday Wish List {children's art wall}

May 14, 2014

Happy Wednesday friends!!
Hope your are having a great week!!
Today I am sharing something that is constantly on my mind and
something that just never makes it on to my ever growing "To Do" list.
I adore all the lovely art work my daughter comes home with and
although some art work is better than others I really wish I could find
a unique and beautiful way to display them all....
I've thought about framing all of them, well the really good one's at least....
But then here is a photo of just this month's "good" art work....
Embarrassing for sure!! And framing all of these beauties is not
happening!! Thank goodness for a broken printer sitting on my
desk for all the over flowing art work!!
So now is the time for action!! Time to make this item
on my wish list a reality!!
Here are a few really interesting and fun ways to display your child's art
work neatly and without making it look like a big fat mess
tacked up miscellaneously on the wall!!
My mind is racing thinking of just the right way to tackle this project!
What is your favorite way to display your child's art work?
I'd love to hear your suggestions!!

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