Wednesday Wish List {this one's for the kiddos}

April 9, 2014

Hi friends!!
 I Can't believe it's Wednesday already! I'm still recovering from the
half marathon my husband and I ran this past Sunday. If you missed that
post you can ready about it here.
Today's wish list is actually something that I really have always wanted
my kids to have.... As a child I always dreamed of having a tree house or
a little "playhouse" of my own outside in the back yard. A place to hang out
and dream the day away. Back then they really didn't have many of the
options kids have these days. If I were going to have a playhouse my dad
would have had to build it and you really would need a lot of space in the
yard which in our yard was taken up by a big fat pool!! Not that I'm
Now that I have two children of my own, five nieces and a nephew (but
who's counting??)  I am loving the idea of a huge play house for them; and
I'm not talking a small little tree house I'm talking the mother of all
playhouses, but for several thousand (yes I said thousand) dollars I want the
 mega of outdoor playhouses!!!
I did some research and came across this shop on
Etsy,  It's called Imagine That Playhouse and their playhouses
are simply amazing!!! See for yourself!!

 OMG! Right!!!?? I think you mite find me hiding the day away if
we ever were lucky enough to purchase one of these babies!!
I love that they incorporate slides and swings within the structure!
Our backyard is just perfect for one of these and I have a feeling it would
not go to waste! Let me just state that this is NOT a paid post!
I just love the idea of having a wonderful little outdoor playhouse
for my children, nieces, nephews and friends!!
I thought for a hot minute that "yeah I could totally build one of those!"
And in the heat of the moment I went right to Ana White's website to find
plans for something similar and what do you know, of course she does!!
If you are handy dandy with power tool, nails, screws and wood you
can find the plans for this cute little house and deck here.
For me, I'll keep this on my wish list until I win the lottery or find
the time and patience to build my own!!
Until then enjoy and I'll be back soon with a master bedroom update!!

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