Wednesday Wish List {Marquee Lights ~ ON SALE!!!}

April 30, 2014

Hi friends!!
Hope you are having a great week so far!
The weather here in CT hasn't been so great the past few days, so I've been
in doors stirring about trying to find another project to tackle! I just can't
let things be!! I'm always wanting to switch things up!! It seems
my little lady is taking after her mama in that respect as well....
 A certain five year old girl would like her room "updated".
Wasn't her room just finished last year you ask??
Yup! Sure was, but little missy would like a vanity table in her room
rather than a large desk and she is asking for cork board to put all her
junk paper treasures on.... What she is asking for is totally do-able, so while
we're at it I asked her if she would like a new night light.... Poor kid just
 looked at me perturbed and then I showed her this picture.....
Adorable right??
This heart and a so many other vintage marquee lights can be found here.
I wish I had a camera in hand to catch the expression on Gracie's face as she
grabbed my phone to see this beauty up close!! "This is my new night
light??!!" She could barely contain herself!! Nether could I once I learned it
 was on SALE!! My four favorite letters!!
I really didn't have this marquee light on my "wish list" per say, but I have
had all intentions of purchasing the letter J from this shop for a while now.
For my son's room.... He's still little so there's no rush there.
Here are some more fun was to display these awesome lights.

I'm just in love with that heart and yes it has been purchased!!
I could not be happier and I'm sure Gracie will have no problem
sleeping in her "big girl" room now, not with that new night light!
All of these vintage marquee lights can be found at the
Vintage Marquee Shop on Etsy. And yes, the sale is still going on!!
Which one is on your wish list and what would you do with it??
 I would love to hear from you!!

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