To Plank or Not to Plank..... {the ever changing dining room}

April 17, 2014

Happy Thursday friends!!
I can't believe only two more days until Easter.
This year is going to be a very quite on for us. A little Easter egg hunt with
the kids, a light brunch and church....
So. remember when I purchased the corner cabinet of my dreams..... And I
 just HAD to have it? Well if you missed it,  You can read about the corner 
hutch here.
 Since being on Pinterest and really thinking long and hard about
this space, I have come to realize that what this room really needs is
a symmetrical design and architectural details. My hubby is going to hate
 me, but I'm over the corner hutch already.... Maybe that is why the good
 Lord hasn't given me the energy to begin painting it. Although it's a great
piece, I'm just not feeling it where it is. I can't "corner" it
properly because of the baseboard heating and it's a bit to large for the
smaller wall next to the big bay window.... It's just awkward and doesn't
give the room the least bit of character...
I know what your thinking... I'm nuts, but that's what finding your own
style is all about! You can look at pictures of favorite spaces and
furniture you love all day long, but in the end if it doesn't work in the
space it's got to go!! And on to Craig's List it went!!
What am I going to do now you ask? Good question.  Here are just a few
ideas roaming about in my head right this moment.
So remember I mentioned planked walls....
I am just drooling over this "wonder wall" over at
The Lettered Cottage.... Love Laya's style and I think would be great
on the long wall with the one window that isn't centered...
Then I found this here and love the idea of this type of planked wall. It
has clean lines and I envision decorative shelves on either side of the
window in our dining room....  I'm loving the shelving in the photo below.
I love the look of the floor to ceiling shelves!!
Then there's the nagging question of do I plank the entire dining room or
just the wall with the one small window??
What's your vote plank or no plank?
One wall or all the walls??
HELP ME Please!!!!
So I guess I will hold of on painting the room again until I sell the
corner cabinet.... I may just change my mind yet again!!
It's sure not easy being picky!!!
Ok, time to finish painting the railings in the dining room.
I have a fabulous home to share with you tomorrow!!
So make sure to stop back for my Favorite Home Friday feature!!!
Enjoy the day!!

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