Wednesday Wish List {Shut the Front Door!!}

March 19, 2014

Happy Wednesday friends!!
I'm back with another wish list. This one today is pretty simple.
Our home is in desperate need of a new front door. Our current door is a
white steel door from Home Depot that probably ran us about $150 six
years ago. It's amazing how six years and a few Pinterest boards later your
ideas and tastes change.... When asked six years ago (and I'm almost
positive someone did during our renovation) what kind of front door I
wanted I'm pretty sure my answer was "I don't care as long as it's white!"
 So low and be hold we have a plain & simple boring front
door! If you ask me my opinion on front doors six years later,  I would
most defiantly show you this photo. This door is for sure on my wish list!!
Yup, still drooling....
Unfortunately, I found the picture here and of course the is not a source
listed. This always happens to me when I find something I adore!!
I'm guessing it's going to be fairly easy to find an unfinished door that looks
similar to this one along with the hardware, but finding the perfect stain
is going to be tricky for sure!!
Wish me luck!!!

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