Wednesday Wish List {laundry room}

March 26, 2014

Hi friends!
Hope your all having a great week!!
I'm back with my Wednesday Wish List feature. Each week I will share
something that I have on my own personal wish list.... Be it something for
me, my home or my children. Basically anything that comes to mind that
I currently need in my life....
On the wish list today is a laundry room. Now I know what your thinking,
and yes I have a washer & dryer and I do tons of laundry almost everyday,
but I lack a "room" to actually do the laundry efficiently.
You see my "laundry room" is in our basement... in more what I like to
call the junk/boiler room where all the stuff we never use and still haven't
trashed room, that happens to house our very old, probably vintage, washer
and dryer. I guess at this point I should tell you I am grateful to even have
a working washer and dryer, but the space that it's in really is undesirable.
I would share a photo but I don't want to frighten you. After our tag sale
this spring I plan on making that part of the basement over and possibly put
in a half bath or at least a sink.... Hence my wish list...
So here are some great laundry rooms I have added to my Pinterest board in
hopes of some day having a laundry room I can call my own....

pottery barn


source unknown
I love the idea of having a space just for the laundry.
Eventually I will have a specific room for tackling the laundry....
Until then it's officially on the wish list!!
Have a great week!!


  1. Ooh! I found your blog through the comments at Jenna Sue's blog, where I was very busy drooling over her white subway tile and rustic, wood shelves... and her gray cabinets... and everything else in that kitchen. I clicked on your link, because I'm wasting time... putting off folding the laundry... and wow! Your blog is just as cute as it can be, too! I took your home tour, and I sort of covet that chalkboard wall in your kitchen, and HOW ON EARTH DID YOU GET THE LETTERING SO PERFECTLY WONDERFUL ON IT?! And I hear you on the "vintage washing machine." My lands. Our washer and dryer were a set we "inherited" from my husband's parents, when they bought themselves FANCY FRONT-LOADERS that can dry plush bath towels in four seconds. But... do you know what? They work. And they make our clothes clean, without me having to lug the toddler and all my quarters to the laundromat. Also... I have a board on Pinterest called "Laundry Rooms," and two of these photos you posted are pinned there from weeks and weeks ago! I think this means our decorating style is a lot alike... Only I don't really pursue anything I pin on Pinterest, because my spiritual gift is SO NOT DECORATING, regardless of how much I wanted Jesus to bestow that one on me! Anyway, I just thought I'd tell you that you have an adorable little blog here.... have a great weekend.

    1. WOW!! Thanks so much for the comment and stopping by my blog!! It means a lot to me that you took the time to look around!! So happy you like my little chalkboard!! I do everything free hand because I know that I can just erase and start over if I make a mistake! I have a Pinterest board full of chalkboard ideas. I try to switch it up every season! Thanks again for the beautiful comment! Keep in touch I'll be back soon with more pictures of our home!!

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