Shared Space {the playroom ~ client project}

March 4, 2014

Hi friends!!
Today I wanted to stop in real quick and share a space that I am creating
for a friend of mine with a growing family in need of a playroom that will
also act as a guest space for when family and friends come to visit.
The space is under construction at the moment but we have already started
brain storming for what will work best in a small space for this large
growing family of soon to be six!!
The family is looking to a create a play space that is upbeat, fun, cozy 
and functional all at the same time!! Here is what I came up with so far!
Can you guess my favorite thing about this space??
Yup!! Those pillows!! I will be posting more pictures of the space once
walls are up, rugs are put in and painting is complete!!
I'll be back tomorrow with my Wednesday wish list!!
Happy Tuesday!!

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