What I Wore {putting it all together}

February 24, 2014

Happy Monday friends!!
Spring is in the air! I can just feel it. This past weekend was kind of a big
deal for me.... For the first time ever I ran 8.6 miles, (without stopping for 
more than a minute or two) and I did not give up!! It was super tough, but
pushing past my comfort zone was big for me.... I tend to look to much into
things that I may find difficult and I have a habit of doubting myself, but
this time I just pushed past the doubt and I am so glad I did. It just sets the
stage for continued success!!
Another exciting event was the Christening of my fifth niece Leah Faith
which brings me to today's post....
I never have really been a "fashonista" of any sort although I do LOVE to
shop (for anything really... I could spend thousands in CVS alone!) and I
seem to have obtained a huge collection of high heels over the years... I just
have never really had to "worry" about what to wear and getting dressed up
on a daily basis.... I attended catholic school from elementary
school through college and worked in
childcare and the fitness industries since I graduated college, so I never
really "needed" to get all dolled up for work five days out a week. I
always had some sort if uniform or just wore what ever I found most
comfortable, like jeans and a cozy sweater or sweatshirt. That being said,
I sometimes had a hard time picking out "outfits" when I go shopping. I am
more of "fly by the seat of my pants" type of shopper. When I see 
something I love I buy it, even though I may not have anything in my 
closet that will go with it... So getting back to the Christening... I had to
find something smart & casual to wear. Something that was appropriate for
church, but nothing too dressy for the non formal lunch after the service.
So I started to browse through my Pinterest board and came across these:



source unknown
Cute right? So now I just found similarities in all three photos and thought
about what I know I had in my closet to make it work. The white top and
jeans were easy as was the statement necklace, and I just so happen to
have purchased a pair of  leopard shoes even though I wasn't really 
sure when or how I was going to wear them, but I am so glad I picked them
up!! So here is what my outfit looked like.

 Please forgive me, I was behind
the camera all day taking photos so I wasn't able to get a picture of
me in the actual outfit, however, I did take a quick selfie!

 Corny I know,  but I
really wanted to get a shot of the statement necklace, its one of my
favorites! Here are the sources for my outfit!!
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your week!!

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