It's in the Closet {Jewlery Organization}

January 30, 2014

Hi all!!
Hope your having a great week.... Seems like this winter is never ending!!
Can't complain too much because all this freezing, must remain in doors
weather is actually keeping me busy in doors!
I recently purchased this adorable framed burlap cork board from
Home Goods even though I had not a clue where I was going to put it.
Then just the other day I was looking for a pair of earrings I had ordered
online over the summer and I just couldn't seem to find them.... which gave
me an idea...
 I decided to hang it up in my mess of a closet to some what organize all my
 earrings.... It actually works great for my large statement necklaces too!!

This adorable necklace holder was also a non-planned Home Goods find!
I really love how it compliments the burlap cork board!

 I love how I also have some space for sentimental items... I'm using the one and only perfume fragrance my mom used to wear as a bracelet holder as well as a teddy bear angel a dear old friend gave me years ago for a birthday gift.... I love using sentimental items for décor... Makes them all the more special to look at.

This cute little box was given to me by my Gracie.... It was her very first "school" gift. I love that it has a place now where I can see it everyday!

I had planned on actually putting up this little mirror a while ago in this exact spot, but I'm glad I waited and found the perfect piece that is actually useful! I will have to find a small standing mirror to put in here... Back to Home Goods I go!! That's really not such a bad thing!

Cute right?
Sometimes the best décor and organization ideas are not planned and just
happen!! That is exactly what happened in this case! I always say if you see
something you absolutely love in a store and keep going back to it don't
pass it up!! Even if you have no idea what to do with it... You can always
return it, gift it or in this case wait it out and find the prefect place for it!!
Come back soon, I will be posting picks of our master bedroom as soon as
I can decide on a paint color!
Hint.... The color behind the burlap frame is one of them!!
Stay warm!!

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