I Want to Be..... {Graduation Day}

June 28, 2013

I can't believe three years ago, almost to the day, I dropped my little girl off to pre-school. She was one year and nine months old.... Three years later and she has graduated from pre-school and will be off to Kindergarten come this fall. As a mother you know deep down inside that your child is going to grow up and not be that little child you see them as today, and then when that moment comes where you think they just could not get any more grown up....well they do.... I always remember holding my Gracie as a baby and thinking to myself "if only she could stay this way forever..." I find myself thinking that very same thing today. As I watch my little girl sing and dance and put on a show for us with her class mates I can't help but tear up and think about the past three years and how much she has changed and about her future and what it holds.....
I love you love bug more than you will ever know.... You make mommy so proud each and everyday....... Always know that no matter what.... mommy's little girl you shall ALWAYS stay...
Gracie's 1st Day of Pre-School
June 23rd, 2010

Happy Weekend All!!


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