March 26, 2014

Wednesday Wish List {laundry room}

Hi friends!
Hope your all having a great week!!
I'm back with my Wednesday Wish List feature. Each week I will share
something that I have on my own personal wish list.... Be it something for
me, my home or my children. Basically anything that comes to mind that
I currently need in my life....
On the wish list today is a laundry room. Now I know what your thinking,
and yes I have a washer & dryer and I do tons of laundry almost everyday,
but I lack a "room" to actually do the laundry efficiently.
You see my "laundry room" is in our basement... in more what I like to
call the junk/boiler room where all the stuff we never use and still haven't
trashed room, that happens to house our very old, probably vintage, washer
and dryer. I guess at this point I should tell you I am grateful to even have
a working washer and dryer, but the space that it's in really is undesirable.
I would share a photo but I don't want to frighten you. After our tag sale
this spring I plan on making that part of the basement over and possibly put
in a half bath or at least a sink.... Hence my wish list...
So here are some great laundry rooms I have added to my Pinterest board in
hopes of some day having a laundry room I can call my own....

pottery barn


source unknown
I love the idea of having a space just for the laundry.
Eventually I will have a specific room for tackling the laundry....
Until then it's officially on the wish list!!
Have a great week!!
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