January 8, 2014

Holy Cow!! {new kitchen decor}

Burrrr  it is cold or what???
Hello all.... Hope everyone is keeping warm!! It's been to cold to even think
about going anywhere or doing anything. I think that may explain why I
still have yet to start on my 2014
"To Do" list!!  I'll get to in eventually.... when it gets warmer for sure!
Today I would like to share a little project I did on a wall hanging for
my kitchen that I wasn't to fond of....
I recently  purchased this adorable butcher charts wall hanging from
Antique Farm House. I was drawn to the cow so I went with that one.
 I'm pretty sure they aren't available any longer but
you can find yours here if you like!
Pretty neat right?
Well.... when I got in and opened the box I really wasn't impressed with the
parts of the cow all charted out and to my dismay, it is a sticker and not
actually painted on as it appears in the picture.
Personally, I just wasn't fond of it and I
was going to return it and then I had an idea... Since I am obsessed with
chalkboards and chalk paint I decided to paint it with regular chalkboard
paint I  had lying around from other projects... I love the rustic look of the
clips so I just unscrewed them and painted away. I did three good coats to
be sure and cover that chart and so that I wouldn't be able to see when I
wrote on it and then screwed the clips back on and whaaala... Done!

So?? What do you think? Cute right? And It really comes in handy to clip
on recipes and of course our favorite pizza delivery number is on there too!!
Next time you order something that you really aren't fond of, try changing it
or give it an "up cycle" and see how it goes!!
Stay warm & order out tonight!!
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