Super Simple DIY {Paper Heart Banner}

January 19, 2016

Hi friends!!
Oh man is it cold here today! Old man winter has been pretty kind to use thus far, but today is the coldest it's been since last winter! No worries here though, this weather is the best crafting weather!
Today I'm sharing the easiest DIY paper heart banner on the planet! I made two of these and I'm pretty sure I completed them in under fifteen minutes and I had everything on hand.

I have a small obsession with hearts, always have. When I was little my mom decorated my room in all hearts. Everything right down to the wallpaper was hearts and I loved it! I doodle hearts all over the place. So I thought why not dress up our chalkboard with hearts! Done!
Now for the banner. I wanted it to be hearts as well but really didn't feel like running out to the craft store! So I used what I had on hand.
I have seen tutorials for these type of banners on Pinterest, but they all entailed sewing of some kind or using a sewing machine... Not my deal. I fear sewing machines and I'm not even sure I have a needle and thread in this house! Ha! So I thought I'll just use hot glue.... Nope. Not a good move.
Then I decided that good old Scotch tape would have to do! And let me tell you it was so simple and worked like a charm!
I used old book pages for the hearts, but any type of paper will do. I had the pink baking string on hand and it's perfect for this type of banner.

To put the banner together all I did was line the hearts up exactly where I wanted them, then I put my baking string cut to the length I needed over the hearts being careful not to move them.
Then I simply used my handy dandy Scotch tape and taped the baking string on to the hearts!
Easy peasy! There's really nothing fancy here and I wasn't concerned about the hearts being perfectly straight, life's to short to worry about stuff like that!!

Cute right?!?
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