Farmhouse Fall Tour {the source list}

October 3, 2015

Hi friends! As promised I'm sharing the source list from my Farmhouse Fall Home Tour. If you missed the entire series featuring fourteen other fabulous farmhouse fall home tours you can find them all here. To see my complete tour go here.
Although I kept my fall home tour very low key and simple, I still had some fabulous décor items that I recently added to our home and I'm going to share where I found them all with you today.
Lets start out with the fabulous zip code pillow
Kendra's shop is the cutest and she has so much to offer!!
I get a ton of questions about my antique hall tree.
If you've been a follower of mine you will know that we have a teeny tiny entry and that I have been struggling with this entry wall for some time. Then last spring it happened... I found this amazing antique hall tree on Craig's List for $25!! It was in really rough shape, but over nine (yes nine) months I managed to strip the old stain and sand it down to it's natural state. I also added a vintage French grain sack to the back.... I am so happy with it and I found it hereI still have some tweaking to do with this, but I found the perfect hooks that need to be added and I'm still debating on whether to keep it natural or to paint it. Right now I'm loving it just as it is.
 I find the majority of my fun, one of a kind vintage items on Etsy and believe it or not local Facebook tag sale pages!! These are great because they are local and not only can I purchase which is very dangerous, but I can sell items too!! With any online tag sale network, it's always important to be cautious and meet in public places for pick up and selling if you can!
Another arena for unique items is Instagram! I can't tell you how many amazing items and Etsy shops I've found on IG. It's an amazing tool to get your work and items out there!!
I fell in love with this amazing Bakery sign from As the Crow Flies when I saw it on one of my favorite IG accounts.
It never hurts to ask questions when you see things you love on public IG accounts! It's all about sharing the love!!
This gorgeous fall wreath was locally made.
If you are local and would like this or any wreath custom made
head over to Forgotten to Fabulous.
Now, you may have noticed some changes in our living room....

The changes aren't huge, but as minimal as they may be, they still make a huge impact!
All I did was replace the smaller cream colored sign under our gallery wall for vintage French inspired sign that is chippy and the perfect shabby shade of white. A great friend of mine I met on a tag sale site gave it to me.... And the other change, still nothing major, is I replaced the large white picture ledge my husband built with an antique mantle that same friend gave me. All I did was give it a good cleaning with a high quality wood cleaner and them painted it with bright white paint I had left over from another project. It's super heavy so we just screwed it into the wall using wood screws where we found a stud and toggle bolts where it was just dry wall. It's very important to use the proper hardware when putting heavy items on your walls!! And yes, we learned this the hard way!!
Another change is our new kitchen island.
Once again, I found this on a Facebook tag sale page. This time I did an ISO (In search of) post to one of my favorite tag sale groups. I posted a picture of an antique baking table and it just so happens that someone had one and had planned on selling it!! Total score!!
Next up are my EAT letters in my kitchen.
I have had these letters for some time. You can find them here.
I took them down when I painted our kitchen and wasn't sure I wanted them back up. The were originally bronze so I used this spray paint and they are now the perfect color!!

This adorable little sign I purchased awhile back from one of my favorite bloggers.
I have been following Melaine and her blog, My Sweet Savannah for many, many years.
It was the very first blog I ever read and follow regularly. The sign was purchased from Melanie's Etsy shop, but now she has an IG account solely for items she is currently selling!! She is a must follow for sure!!
The next item is dearest to my heart....
I am a lover of signs and would have them on every single wall in my home if I possibly could.

The very first sign I ever purchased was from
I adore Tara and her husband. They are an amazing team and they put this sign together for me and I am so pleased I have it to display in our home....
One thing I always tell people when they are on the look out for home décor pieces is this...
If something speaks to you, brings back a memory or you simply love and adore and if it's within your budget, get it!!! If you can't think of a place for it now, one day you will!!
Any other questions about our home, please leave it in the comments and I'll get back to you soon!!
Have a great weekend!!


  1. soooo gorgeous, as always!!!! I always pin from here!!!! XOXOXO

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