Signs of Fall {Decorating for the seasons}

September 3, 2015

Today I sent my almost seven year old off to second grade.
Each year there seems to be the same pattern.... We all change and grow with each new season, yet the traditions remain the same....

The new school year is for sure the first sign that fall is on it's way and I could not be more excited! Fall has always been my absolute favorite season. I didn't always decorate my home for the changing of the seasons. Up until a year or two ago I really didn't decorate for spring, summer or fall at all. I saved all my energy and creative flow for the Christmas season. I'm pretty sure this had something to do with growing up and my mother having our home decorated a certain way all year long, specifically in one room that we weren't allowed to sit in or play in. The "formal" living room, as it was called in the good ole' 80's, was for "company" only and the only time of the year we ever used it or decorated it was for Christmas....
 I truly find so much joy and excitement decorating for the seasons. It gives our home a fresh new look and it's like "moving" in a new home when you change things up and move things around. Think about it, our home is the one place where, in most cases, we are everyday for hours upon end. It can get tiring and depressing to look at the same things over and over. So for me, decorating for the seasons gives our home new life and it's so much fun!! Here are a few signs of fall around our home.

Yup! Fall is on it's way and so is my second fall home tour!!
If you missed my fall home tour last year you can find it here!!
Have a great week friends!!

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