Bad Blogger {What I've been up to....besides not blogging!!}

October 23, 2014

I know.... I know....
I am a horrible blogger and how rude of me to leave you all hanging like that!! Well, at least I left you some really great eye candy!!
Thank you all so much for taking my simple fall home tour and for all those that featured Gracie Blue! It truly means a lot to me!!
As you all probably noticed I've been MIA for the past month or so.
I have been super busy being a mom, working my day job, baking and oh yes some much needed rest and relaxation and a tiny bit of shopping....
 So... since I've been so horrible to you all I thought I would share some photos of what it is exactly that I've been up to besides not blogging!!
Isn't this an amazing antique desk??? I fell in love at first site and the seller is
such a sweet heart!! I plan on using it in our upstairs bathroom!!
It's large enough for two sinks!!! Can't you just picture two gorgeous
white sinks on a nice piece of white marble??
Here is my little truck cake I made for a very special little boy named
Luca for his 1st birthday!! Yes I bake!!! And yes It is very time consuming!! 
And this loveliness is in the process of getting a make over!!
I just love an old antique mantel and you are going to LOVE what
I have planned for this sweet thing!!
And here are me and my babies picking up some pumpkins and apple pie
froyo at Stew's!! Yes!! Stew Leonard's the largest dairy store in the country!!
So yes friends I've been a little busy!!
If you miss me and want to keep in touch, just be sure to follow me on Instagram!! I pretty much post some thing everyday in IG!! It's just too easy when you have your phone on you at all times and I just love seeing what others are up too as well each day!! IG is a great way to keep in touch when bloggers and friends go missing!! So feel free to stalk follow me on Instagram!! I'll be back soon with some updates I've made in our home!!
Stay tuned and thanks for being here!!

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