Wednesday Wish List {Makita Power Tools}

July 23, 2014

Hi friends!!
It's time once again for my Wednesday Wish List feature!!
If you follow me on Instagram you will notice I have been having my hand at re-purposing furniture.... Not an easy task especially when you have never refinished furniture before, and even more difficult without the proper tools.... And by "tools" I'm talking power tools!!
There have been so many times I haven't followed through with a DIY or other large project for one simple reason.... No power tools!! Sure my husband has the basics on hand, but I really would like to have some tools of my own and be able to use them on my own at any given moment....
So I've been searching online for the "best" power tools and holy cow are there thousands of different kinds!! I mean I thought buying lipstick was hard, but power tools?? A whole new world my friends!!
After researching and reading all kinds of reviews I was even more lost.... And then I started thinking about what exactly do I need as a beginner using power tools?? I researched that as well and I came across this....
Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 15-pc. Combo Kit
Now, for someone that has no clue about this stuff I was pretty impressed with all this power stuff going on!! Makita 18V Lithium-Ion 15 piece Combo Kit on sale for $1,799!!!
Not too bad for 15 handy power tools.... right up my ally for right now!
Do you use power tools?? If so I'd love some input on your go to
power tools!!

*This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own*

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