I'm so Fancy.... {Easy DIY Glitter Canvas Art}

July 17, 2014

Ever since I can remember I have always loved to doodle....
 I used to doodle all over my text book covers, my desk, scrap paper, dinner menus, sticky notes, note books, pretty much anything... If it had space on it I would draw something on it....
I still do it to this day... You can find my handwriting on ever single "non-important" piece of paper on my desk!!
This is where the idea for this super simple DIY project came from.
Have you all heard that song "I'm so fancy...."? Working at the gym I think I've heard it a thousand times (literally) and now my almost six year old is walking around the house singing it all day long... So you know how that goes, once you hear a catchy tune it's in your head for the next four months! Ha!
So just the other day I was on the phone and this is what I was looking at ten minutes into my conversation....
Clearly I have a problem and sadly enough I honestly can't even tell you who I was talking to or what the conversation entailed....
I can tell you that this DIY project was inspired by this crazy mess and that song that is still playing in my head!!
I really loved how this doodle page came together and I really loved my own handwriting here.... so I figured, why not put it on the wall. I happen to have all the items I needed on hand. I was going to paint it on a piece of wood, but you know me, Lisa, aka "I was born impatient", wanted this on the wall ASAP, so I decided to use an 8x10 canvas I had lying around. Like I said I was going to use paint, but I wanted to be able to just "doodle" the words on the canvas in my own handwriting so I decided to just use a large tip Sharpie I had on hand, which also happened to match the color scheme of Gracie's room... I figured this little saying was perfect for my "fancy" little girl's gallery wall.

I just used my Sharpie Marker and pretty much just doodled the saying onto the canvas and then I carefully applied, my always handy, Mod Podge with a small tipped paint brush over the letters and poured my extra fine glitter over the top. I made sure to let the Mod Podge dry completely before I removed the glitter.... To ensure all the glitter was in the right places, I used my Martha Stewart ballpoint glue pen around the outside of the letters or any spot I may have missed with the Mod Podge. I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with my little doodle project!!
This took no time at all and it's any easy craft project for the kids as well!!
If  you head to Michaels with a coupon I'm sure you can pick up a bunch of these canvases for a great price!!
Here's some more views of it up on Gracie's gallery wall in her room.

Fancy right??
Gracie is super excited about the new addition to her little gallery wall....
This can be done with pretty much any letters or sayings!!
It's all about what you like and how you "doodle" it!!
If you take your hand at this easy DIY I'd love to hear about it!!
Thanks for stopping by!!


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