Children's Wall Art Display {DIY Chicken Wire Art Frame}

June 14, 2014

Hi Friends!!
Happy Saturday to you!
A few Wednesday Wish List's ago I shared some really creative and unique ways to display all that art work that our kids come home with. Some of them do find there way to the trash, but the "mommy" in me really hates to get ride of them and I've been puzzled for a really long time trying to find the perfect space way to display them all....
Well the other day the full length mirror in our bedroom cracked. I was really bumed because I really loved the frame around the actual mirror... And then I remembered an idea I saw on Pinterest using an old frame and chicken wire to display children's art work....
I couldn't find the exact pin but I went to work removing the cracked mirror from the frame. I was very careful about it and used all my husbands masking tape (sorry Hunny!!) to tape up the entire mirror for safety and to be sure there wouldn't be glass everywhere when I took it apart. It wasn't easy, but I just took my time and remembered that the whole point was not to destroy the frame. Now the "new be" blogger in me failed to catch any photos of this process or a photo of the frame before I removed the mirror.... I forgave myself very quickly for two reasons. One, I am always alone with my kids when I'm tackling stuff like this! And two, safety first! So I'm hoping you will forgive me too!! However, I do have a random photo of our bedroom with the mirror in it to give you an idea of what I was working with and where I'm going with this....
Ok so here's our bedroom...Excuse the cell phone photo and lack of d├ęcor!
Yes I'm still working on it, and it's almost done!
But back to the mirror...
After carefully removing the mirror I gave it a fresh coat of paint with my Annie Sloan chalk paint in Pure White and clear wax.
Then I went to my local Home Depot and picked up this chicken wire.
It was pretty reasonably priced and easily found in the garden center.
This particular size was perfect for the size of the frame.
So remember how I do this DIY stuff when I'm alone? Well rolling out this chicken wire
was not easy and a second pair of hands (or two) would be helpful, but
I just used the two cases of water I had lying on the floor to hold it down.
Be very careful during these next few steps because the chicken wire
is very sharp in some spots!

Next I used my handy staple gun to hold the wire in place.
This part was fun at first, but gets old quick! Make sure you
staple chicken wire all around the frame to ensure it stays in place!

Finally, after using 4 links of staples all around the frame, I used
my electrical scissors to cut the excess chicken wire. Electrical
scissors are a must for this, or any type of strong garden cutters.
I found mine at Home Depot, but I'm pretty sure you can find
them at any local hardware store.
And now I finally have a cute little place for all that art work I just can't seem to let go of.... My Gracie is pretty talented and she just adores having all her art work on display!! So before you just trash that old broken mirror or frame think of the possibilities for it first!! You be glad you did!!
Have a great Saturday all!


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