Easter Decor Craft {thankful tree}

April 2, 2014

Hi friends!!
What a gorgeous day! Finally a real spring day!! I almost lost it on
Monday when it was freezing and we had snow showers! Today defiantly
made up for that!!
Hope you all checked out this weeks Wednesday Wish List!!
If you missed it you can find it here and check out my summer essentials!
Today was a half day of school for my little lady so I decided to do a
special Easter craft with her. Easter is my favorite holiday.... I have
so many fond memories of going to church, Easter egg hunting and of
course brunch!! This year I wanted to celebrate Easter for more than just
one day... So I decided Gracie and I would make an Easter
"I am thankful for...." tree. I came across tons of these trees on Pinterest
in the fall for Thanksgiving, so I thought what a great way to start
teaching my Gracie about Jesus and what he sacrificed for us and all the
things we have to be thankful for because Jesus gave his life for us....
It's kind of a complicated situation to explain to a five year old, but she
knows about God our Father and Jesus his son.... We say our prayers and
I have tried my best to instill the faith that I was instilled with as a child.
This Easter "thankful tree" was an excellent way to get the conversation
started about Easter and Jesus and why we celebrate the holiday...
We went on a long walk, talked and picked up branches that we
could use for the "tree"..... She actually picked out a small "tree" that she
thought we could "pick" and take home, but we stuck to branches instead!
This craft was super simple and all the items I had on hand...
Easter egg template
Water color paint
White card stock
Black Sharpie pen
Small whole punch
Yellow bakers twine
This craft was super simple and was perfect for my kindergartner. 
1. Trace Easter egg template on to the white card stock.
2. Paint the eggs with the water color paint.
3. Cut out and with your black (or colored) Sharpie write on the opposite side what you are thankful for.
4. Use  your small hole punch to make a whole for bakers twine.
5. Tie a hoop with the bakers twine.
6. Place branches in a vase or what ever you have handy that will work and hang away!
Here is how our Easter "Thankful Tree" turned out....

I am so proud of my little lady....
She really thought about all the things she is thankful for and none of
them were materialistic! She chose things like her family, teachers and yes..
God! And she even spelt it correctly all on her own!!
This was a great little craft that was simple and makes for the perfect
Easter décor!!
See you all again soon!! Have a great rest of the week!!


  1. Lisa, I am catching up on my blog reading (now that the ORC is over!) and missed so many great posts over here! We did this same thing over the years, using branches and eggs that the kids had dyed, hung on ribbon. We haven't done it in a couple of years but the older they get the more I think they need reminding about being grateful for what they have - so I must remember to do something along these lines next year. Cute Easter decor and meaningful!

    1. Thank you so much Lisa!!
      So happy you enjoy visiting my blog!! You've been a busy lady!! You did an AMAZING job by the way!!


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