You Make the World Colorful {a non-edible DIY valentine}

February 8, 2014

Hi all!!
Today I'm stopping by to share an adorable valentine with you.
It is super simple and I actually love it because it is non-edible.
This year due to all the allergies in Gracie's class the teachers requested
that all valentines be non-edible. So off to Pinterest I went and came across
so many adorable valentines.
I found this one in particular, however, the
link to download the printable corrupted my computer (don't even ask).
Needless to say I was a bit annoyed.... One because I had to pay to have
the viruses (yes MULTIPLE) removed from my computer and two,
because I didn't think I was going to be able to create this great non-edible
valentine.... So once my computer was up and running I was determined
to follow through with this and so I took it upon myself and created the
exact valentine on Pic Monkey!! If you haven't been on this site yet you
are totally missing out! You can create just about anything as well as edit
your own photos!! I am addicted!!!
So here is how mine turned out...
Not too shabby right (no pun intended!!)
I changed the wording a bit and decided to print it on all different kinds
of colored paper....
I'm making this totally easy for you... You can find the adorable paint set
here, and to save the printable directly to your computer, virus free,
just right click on the picture below and save as to your computer! I simply
used glue dots to stick the paint set to the valentine!
Super simple and super cute!!
Enjoy and have a "colorful" week!!

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