What to Do {With those Wedding Cards}

February 13, 2014

Hi again friends!
Yet another snow day. Mother nature is in some mood lately!
She has dropped another ten inches and more on the way!
All this time in doors has me stir crazy and I just keep on looking for
little things to do that I wouldn't normally be looking to do... Like going
through all three hundred wedding cards and figuring out what exactly to 
do with them... They have only been sitting in a box for the past six years.
So off to Pinterest I went but could only really find ideas like this
While all these ideas are super cute and creative I was looking to do
something a little more out of the box. I wanted it to be something I
could share with our daughter.... Something that could be easily displayed
 in her room.... So I came up with this.
This has got to be the easiest DIY I have ever done!
They entire process took me less than an hour and I had all materials
on hand.
I simply went through all three hundred wedding cards and used a heart
punch and punched away.... I really wanted it to look authentic and since
they were part of a very special day, shared with three hundred very special
people I made sure I got as much of the handwritten parts of the cards as I
could. It was nice going through them once again.... Some cards were super
sentimental and pretty so I kept those few aside and make a little book out
of them.... Once I had all the hearts I needed I went to work. I used an Ikea
Ribba frame I had on hand and  used glue dots
because I didn't want a mess and  wanted to be able to layer the hearts
evenly, not to mention it is super quick!

I used the paper insert that came with the frame and marked the
inside of the mat with a pencil so I would know exactly where I
needed to position the hearts. Layering is key for a filled look!
Not to mention I had tons of hearts to use!

What do you think?
Do you have all your old wedding cards or have you done
something super cute with them?

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