Sugarboo {gallery wall}

February 22, 2014

Hi friends!
I am happy to say that we have gone almost five days with no snow!
Lots of rain and chilly damp air, but thankfully snow free!!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays this way!
Ok, not sure about you but I just can not stand a blank wall staring me in
the face.... We have this one wall in our living room that I just can't seem to
make up my mind on what exactly to do with it... We have a gallery wall
on one side so I want to extend it through to the adjacent wall, but I'm just
stuck on "what" exactly to put on it...
Here is a picture of what our living room looks like now.

And there's that blank wall!! Such an eye soar!
Originally, when we made over our living room, I had put up another wall
gallery with all Ikea frames but it just didn't go with the other gallery wall.
If you missed our living room make-over reveal find it here to see what I
mean! So now I am so afraid of failure once again with this wall that I am
hesitant to do anything! I thought of adding floating shelves or a mirror,
but nothing had jumped out at me until I saw this....
I almost died when I saw this!! Not only do I love the white bead board,
I adore that "love you" sign! So when I was reading this amazing blog I
discovered that all the art work around the home is from the
Now although much of the collection is way over my budget I have decided
to splurge on at least one Surgarboo piece, but now I am having a very
hard time deciding on which one. If you take the time to go through the
collection there are so many lovely things and great quotes that I would
love to put up all over my home if my budget would allow!
So for now I will think about which piece of art I think would work
on my boring empty wall....
This is what I put together to get the ball rolling!!
Stay tuned to see which one I choose!!
*this is not a sponsored post I just love Sugarboo designs and wanted to share*

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