Hallway Update {the gallery wall}

February 28, 2014

Happy Friday friends!!!
The cold weather has once again kept me in doors the past few days....
Other than going to work for a few hours in the morning and taking Gracie
back and forth to school we have been in doors.
Not to upset other than the fact that it literally hurts to go outdoors for more
than a minute or two! I have to admit having no choice but to be cooped up
inside gives me all the more motivation to get all the little home projects
done that I have been holding procrastinating on. Today I finally completed
 our hallway gallery wall!!
Not to long ago I share this post with you.... I had just repainted the hallway
and was getting together the makings of our hallway gallery wall.
I have struggled with this space for some time now and I can honestly
say that having to be stuck in doors for days at a time really got my
rear end in gear to get this troubled space together!
In case you missed it here are some before photos

And here is what our little high traffic hallway looks like today.

I have to say I am so very pleased with how this wall came together.
One thing I will be very honest about is the fact that this wall did not come
together in a day or even a few days. I spent hours dwelling on what exactly
I wanted it to look like. I knew that I wanted it to be reflective of our
family and most importantly wanted it to tell a story. Like I said earlier,
this hallway is a high traffic area and I knew I wanted the space to speak to
 our guests when they glance at it.... I also was tired of looking at all the
electrical boxes and thermostat!! Now it is a story book on our wall that
will be up for years to come....
I still need to find the perfect light fixture and rug but that can wait...
I am just so excited to be able to peak into this hallway and smile....
So my suggestion to you when wanting to start a gallery wall? One, take
your time!! Rome wasn't built in a day! Neither will your gallery
wall!! Two, tell a story. The story can be reflective of you, your
family, the town you live or lived in or anything that makes you happy!!
And three.... use what you have!! I have a ton of frames and tried to keep
a common theme in choosing which ones would make the wall. I went for
a more rustic look here to coordinate with our farmhouse bath and bedroom.
I will be back soon with an update on the light fixture as soon as I find one
that "speaks" to me and is reflective of this space and our family!!
Until then have a great weekend and stay warm!!


  1. What a beautiful transformation!! I bet you smile every time you walk by and see the hall.

    Kelly from Lifeonbirchst.com

    1. Thank you so much Kelly!! You are absolutely right! I smile every time I walk by that hallway, which is often! Thanks for stopping by!!


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