The Tree that Wasn't {Using what you have to decorate a tree}

December 12, 2013

Twelve more days!!
I can finally admit that Christmas is just to close and I need more time in the day! I've been home with sick kids and a ton of sign orders but some how everything seems to just fall together..... Now if someone could go Christmas shopping for me then things would really come together!!
Today I thought I would share the story of our dining room Christmas tree that truly wasn't meant to be....
This year was the first year with our new living room set up. If you missed the new living room reveal you can find it here.
In years past we had a cozy little spot in the corner of our living room for our Christmas tree and honestly any tree we came home with was always looked perfect... I truly believe it's a "corner" thing...
In any case this year our tree would have to go in front of our large window in the living room which pretty much was not a large space and we had no clue what size tree to get or how it would end up looking...
So off we go with a sick baby in toe and find what we had hoped to be the "perfect" tree.... Well to most this tree would have been perfect, but for me it was perfectly too small!! So off it went into our dining room and can you guess where? You got it! In the corner (shocker!!).
To our surprise the tree is perfect in the corner of our dinning room and yes we got yet another tree for our living room and well.... You tell me what you think...... I'll be posting pictures of my Cozy Christmas House Tour tomorrow and you can be the judge!
Now that we had another tree it occurred to me that we needed to decorate it.... I had thought just to do some pretty white lights and call it a day but as the days went on I started adding ornaments and items I had around the house.  I also went on Pinterest for inspiration and here is how it turned out... and I don't think I'm finished...

So what do you think?
All these things I had on hand...
The crown is from Home Goods and it was just lying around until I decided on a home for it.
The white letters are from Michaels. I just added some jute string I had left over from some other ornaments I made.
The little chalkboards are from Farmhouse Wares!! I adore them and the best thing about them is I can take them off the tree and use them around the house all year! Get yours here.
The little white clay frames are from Michaels as well! I picked them up the other day and I wish I had gotten more. They were a steal at $1 and I found such a cute idea for them over at Shanity 2 Chic!!
The other clay ornaments I made myself easily with molding clay, cookie cutters, stamps and glitter!
And that's it!! I am really happy with how it is coming along. I love that it is true to us and reflects our family.... and of course I had to put some chalkboards on there!!! I think this may just be a new tradition in our home... Two trees... One for the kiddos and one for me!!
Hope to see you all back here tomorrow!!

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