Dear Santa... {i can explain}

December 15, 2013

Happy Sunday friends!!
Hope you enjoyed my very first Cozy Christmas Home Tour. If you missed it you can see it here.....
The other day my husband asked "So...What do you want for Christmas?"
As a thousand different things literally flew through my head the very first word I thought of was Pinterest!! Shocker right!!?? That being said all I had to do was go on to Pinterest and send him my Lust Have Now board and I'm done! No need to write a list or check it twice I just simply sent him a board full of items I have been drooling over and it's really up to him on what to get and I know what ever he chooses is a winner!!
So the next time someone asks you what you want for Christmas simply say: "Everything I ever pinned on Pinterest!!"
If you missed my DIY Pinterest Christmas Ornament you can find out how to make yours here!!
Happy Pinning!!!

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