Wall Art for the Kitchen {Scrabble Board DIY}

April 16, 2013

Everyday I go on Pinterest and find new DIY projects I'm just dying to do. A while back I came across this DIY scrabble board and printed it out and put it on my very long "Must Do" list....  I had an old and quite expensive cork board from Ballard Designs that hung in the kitchen and I wanted to have something fun & unique to hang in the kitchen/living room wall and a scrabble board seemed liked the most perfect idea, especially with my little one starting kindergarten.... It looked so easy and fun especially since I already had a perfectly good cork board to use.... Well. lets just say this was a 5 day project and one of the harder DIY's I have found so far on Pinterest. Thank the lord I had the cork board already or I may not have even pursued this, but hence I did and I'm LOVING the end result!
Again.... NOT an easy project. The steps are fairly simple, but its just getting it all together and letting things dry that takes up the most time. I didn't take pictures during the whole process because it was a "process" and my hands were either full of glue or trying to pry a part tiny magnets!
Here is exactly what I used and the order that I did this.
1. Cork board or frame with card board backing.
2. Sheet metal cut to size (I cut mine myself with electrical spears).
3. Liquid Nail Glue (I got mine at my local Home Depot).
4. An old dictionary or book.
5. Mod Podge
6. 200 or more scrabble pieces (I found mine here).
7. 200 or more good quality magnets (I found mine here).
8. Clear coat spray paint (I found mine here).
9. A whole lot of patience!
STEP 1. Glue your sheet metal to your board with the liquid nail. Make sure you use enough glue and press very hard and let dry completely (at least 24 hours)
STEP 2. While the board with sheet metal dries rip out all your pages that you will Mod Podge to the sheet metal and glue all your magnets to the scrabble pieces. I used a tacky glue but I would highly recommend Gorilla Glue! WARRNING: Once magnets are applied to the scrabble pieces LET THEM DRY!!! FOR AT LEAST 24 HOURS!!
STEP 3. Once your sheet metal board is ready, start to Mod Podge the dictionary or book pages to the sheet metal as desired. I did three coats!
STEP 4. Once you have covered the sheet metal entirely spray book pages with a clear coat spray paint. This step is very important in order for paper to hold up to the magnets! I did three coats and let each dry for at least 24 hours in between coats.
And there you have it!! A very special piece in our home for sure!
Thank you to The Twice Remembered Cottage for this idea!!
Have a great week!

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