Perfectly Imperfect Purchase & Dining Room Inspiration....

February 7, 2013

So, three weeks later and I am STILL waiting for my office furniture. While I've been waiting I've had some time to get going on our dining room redo. I've sold our old Pottery Barn Wynn dining chairs and just waiting for someone to find interest in purchasing the Pottery Barn Sumner Farmhouse Table....I fell in love with it four years ago when I first saw it in the catalog, but it really doesn't work in the space. Our dining room is a nice size, but it's square and I think a round table will be more inviting and cozy....So while I wait and spend my spare time on Pinterest I came across some stunningly adorable pillows. They are from blogger Shaunna West's gorgeous shop in Alabama. If your not familiar with her or her blog Perfectly Imperfect you need must check it out! These pillows are just the inspiration I need for our dining room redo. I have been searching and searching for a large church pew for under my large dining room window that I plan to make home for these gorgeous pillows!! Can' wait until they come in!!
                                              So cute right??
                   Now on to the true inspiration for my new dining room.
            I adore this look..... round rustic table and wing back chairs
Ahhhh.... someday...

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